6 Causes of Eye Problems

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Imagine being blind and being able to see the things that surround you. Aside from this is very inconvenient, this is also something that could induce problems in any aspect of your life. This is the very reason why every person who is experiencing problems in their vision needs to ask help from eye care Houston or any local ophthalmologist in their area.

There are many potential habits that you do that can damage your eyes. With the advent of technology, more and more people are getting issues on their eyes.

o, what are these habits you need to avoid? Find out in this article.

1.Sleeping with contacts on

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost one million of Americans visit the eye doctor because of contact-induced infections. Some people tend to forget or intentionally sleep with their contacts as they think it is okay especially when they become very tired from a long day at work.

2.Overuse of eye drops

Eyedrops are recommended as a substitute for rubbing your eyes as they are safer. However, when you overuse them, there is a tendency that they will irritate your eyes even more. The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) warns about the eye drops that are circulating in the market, which are not recommended by the doctors, as well as the main purpose of these eye drops. Eyedrops do not improve your eyes’ health; they just make the eyes appear less red.

3. Not wearing your eyeglasses

Squinting overly can potentially strain your eyes which can lead to pain. So, it is not recommended that you avoid earing your eyeglasses.

Likewise, when you are at the outside, it is recommended that you protect your eyes against the sun, and start wearing consistent your sunglasses, as they minimize blurred vision, headaches, and eye reddening.

4.Lack of sleep

Sleep is one of the most important elements to keep your body healthy and functional. Not having proper sleep can lead to different problems like depression, eye problems, and weight gain. Not having enough sleep may cause your eyes to become blurry, twitch, dry, etc.

Make sure that you get seven to eight sleeping hours every night to ensure you are physically and mentally happy and healthy.

5. Not eating healthy dirt

Your diet can determine what kind of happy to have. When you are not eating a healthy diet, it is not just your eyes that need to be considered but also other parts of your body.

It is also important to keep hydrated, so do not skip drinking whenever you feel thirsty.

6. Rubbing your eyes,

The doctors do not recommend you from scrubbing your eyes, as too much rubbing can lead to irritation and eye infection, if not because of the bacteria. Rubbing them hard and consistently may break the small blood vessels under the eyelids.

Final thoughts

There are still many habits that hurt your eyes such as watching T.V at night, or using too much gadgets and reading in the dark. It is important that you avoid all of these habits and start becoming aware of what you are doing to your eyes.

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