Warning Indicators that Your Windshield Should be Replaced

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As people take a glimpse of your vehicle, the windshield is perhaps among the first things that they would see first. Most importantly, the auto glass is extremely crucial for your vision as you drive. To put it simply, if your windshield is compromised, it can be irritating and can even cause severe accidents and can be fatal as well. Now, how would you determine whether your auto glass needs to be replaced? Here are some of the apparent signs that your car should get a newly installed windshield.  


Missing pieces 

You probably have seen trucks or cars on the roadway with missing parts, which the owner has concealed using trash bags or duct tape. Windshields are intended to keep out the critters, bugs, and elements from the inside of your vehicle. However, they are mainly intended to give structural support as well, which keeps the frame from drooping. Once you ultimately have it replaced, the damage already took place and this can lead to glass alignment issues.  

White at the edges 

Auto glasses are treated with PVB during the day they are manufactured based on safety. This is what prevents them from shattering into millions of pieces once you’re in an accident. Instead, what will take place is that once they will get inside the rounded pieces that will not cut you or your vehicle passengers. Once you can observe a white haze at the edges, that is most likely because the PVB is already coming off the glass and requires to be replaced.  


After driving on the highway all the time, you may be noticing several pitting on your auto glass. Such gravel and small rocks repeatedly hitting it can result in minor pits. You can notice them easily once the sunlight directly hits them. This situation can be extremely dangerous since such pits can compromise your view. Aside from that, they can affect your focus and reflect light as well.  

Vehicle checkup is incoming 

Check your inspection sticker and take note of the renewal date. Before this day comes, see to it that you have had any cracks repaired. They result in a failed inspection. You won’t only be required to pay for a second checkup after you have the problem repaired, but you might get seized after knowing that you have an expired sticker.  

The view is affected 

As a driver of the vehicle, you are responsible for what you do while hitting the road. When your auto glass has a minor crack or small chip in it, perhaps you might confuse it with another car out of the peripheral vision. If this happens, you can wind up in a serious car crash. Even when the outcome is a fender bender, you will still experience much more cost, frustration, and aggravation than if you had just repaired it in the first place.   

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